You Don’t Know Till You “Side Hustle and Flow” with Cliff Beach




If you’re in the entertainment industry, have you ever wondered what it really takes to work and love what you do while keeping your reality in check to accomplish your goals? Whether you are a writer, singer, an actor, a filmmaker or director behind the scenes, whatever your field there is a place for you but it’s about taking the right action steps to allow your dreams room to unfold. I think most people can agree that breaking into the industry is no joke. It’s all about who you know and money, and for musicians and actors the grind is 10 times harder. Well, Cliff Beach has formulated a guide for you to be successful with his autobiography “Side Hustle and Flow”.

The talented singer-songwriter moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles in 2003 with big dreams of making it in the music industry. Beach has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BM in Music Business Management. He went from playing smaller gigs on his own to gigs with a full 7 piece band and background singers. Every weekend, day or night, Beach is playing a show whether it’s for SoFar Sounds, large festivals like the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), or famous bars such as Harvelle’s in Santa Monica. Earlier this year, he even did an entire West Coast tour solo in 7 cities including Canada with the SoFar Sounds chain events. 

Cliff Beach is a one of a kind musician, with powerful vocals and mean hands when playing the keyboard. The writing skills he has developed are top notch. What makes him even more unique is his soulful funky music style. He even came out with a funk-gospel album that included a choir. As the artist continues to grow, he is awarded a multitude of opportunities. He earned a spot on Radio station 88.5fm for the Deeper Grooves as the host of the radio show and podcast. He has also been featured on several news segments. Beach’s hit song “Confident” and other music has 1,000,000+ streams combined. The unique style has even earned him a song placement on the CW’s hit TV show “Dynasty” with his song “Sock it to Me” for an episode in their current season.

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With all the musical success, he never quit being a realist and utilizing a day job for his benefit. While many people find having a day job challenging, the author and musician uses it to benefit his lifestyle and music. Having a 9 to 5 has never stopped the singer-songwriter, only pushed him to be better. Upon numerous radio show and television appearances, Beach takes the time to co-write music to reach new audiences and collaborate with other artists. He also writes plenty of his own music and will record the demos as options for other artists in need of new music. Co-writing has been a phenomenal way to keep his name out there. He assisted writing popstar Monét Anaïs’ song “Unconditional Love” and even tweaked the style and phrasing. As a fabulous keyboard player/pianist, he constantly pumps out new ideas. Beach also has also coached multiple people in proper singing or advance skills they already have, even teaching stars like k-pop artist Justin Park. 

Beach could not have done any of this without doing research on the industry, perfecting his craft, consistently putting himself out there, and making all the connections he can. How does he have so much time to apply to new opportunities, teach voice lessons, perform, write a book, life coach, record new music, and still grind his 9 to 5 job? The answer is simple;  one of his gifts is time management. This is a prime skill not many people carry, but successful people do. Using a calendar and writing everything down is nothing foreign to the funk-soul artist. Planning things well in advance and giving himself the time he needs to flourish. 

The summary of “Side Hustle and Flow” describes the book as telling, “people how to start doing more passion projects while continuing to work their day job. It describes a detailed and realistic approach, unlike those which promise that you can become a multi-millionaire with minimal effort. Rather than setting lofty, unobtainable goals, Cliff embodies the “every man”, taking slow and strategic, methodical steps to my version of success, which the readers can also aspire to and achieve in their own right.”

As a first time author, Beach wants to give back to his community and people in general for those looking to upgrade their music and truly making a lifestyle they can be proud of while keeping realistic expectations. Positivity and finding solutions is his bread and butter, only propelling him forward. Now he is sharing the knowledge with “Side Hustle and Flow”. Get your copy on Amazon:

Side Hustle & Flow: 10 Principles to Live and Lead a More Productive Life in Less Time